Bureau of PES Local discusses on sustainable cities on 18 November 2020

Veröffentlicht am 09.12.2021 in Allgemein

In the video conference of the Bureau on 18 November 2020 PES Deputy Secretary General Yonnec POLET presented the draft PES paper «Leading the way for Progressive and Sustainable Cities». The Bureau discussed the draft and proposed several additions and amendments. Once again the Bureau also discussed on the impact of the Covid-19-crisis on local authorities in member countries.

Furthermore the Bureau discussed on reports that since mid-2019, over 100 local authorities in Poland have adopted declarations designating themselves as so-called "LGBTIQ-free zones". The Bureau of PES Local strongly condemned statements made by local authorities targeting LGBTIQ people. In an open letter to the Polish Association of Municipalities CEMR had taken a stand against this. Numerous mayors and local politicians, including Christophe ROUILLON, had already endorsed this letter. Marc TARABELLA, as General Secretary, endorsed the open letter of CEMR on behalf of PES Local.



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