PES Local Bureau and Workshop in Lisbon on 20 October 2023

Veröffentlicht am 16.11.2023 in Allgemein

Ana ABRUNHOSA | Minister for Territorial Cohesion at the Bureau meeting of PES Local in Lisbon.

On 20 October 2023 the Bureau of PES Local met upon the invitation of Partido Socialista (PS) in Lisbon. In the afternoon a workshop of PES Local and Partido Socialista took place on «Affordable, Social Inclusive and Climate Neutral Housing». Delegations of the organisations of social democratic and socialist local and regional representatives from eight European countries took part in the workshop. Speakers of the meeting and the workshop included:

Ana ABRUNHOSA | Minister for Territorial Cohesion (Portugal),
Marina GONÇALVES | Minister for Housing (Portugal),
João TORRES | Deputy Secretary General of PS, Member of the Portuguese Parliament (Portugal),
Luísa SALGUEIRO | Mayor of Matosinhos, President of the National Association of Portuguese Municípalities (ANMP),
Timo SCHISANOWSKI | Member of the German Parliament,
Christophe ROUILLON | President of PES Local, Mayor of Coulaines, Conseiller général of Sarthe, Vice President of the Association of French Mayors in charge of European affairs, President of the PES group in the Committee of the Regions (France),
Susana AMADOR | Vice-President of PES Local, Member of the Portuguese Parliament, National Secretary of the Portuguese Socialist Party (PS) for Municipalities and Local Authorities, Member of the PS National Policy Board, President of the Municipal Assembly of Loures (Portugal),
Kata TÜTTÖ | Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Vice-Chair of the Hungarian Socialist Party (MsZP), Vice-President of the PES-Group of the Committee of the Regions, Vice President of PES Local,
Michaela KAUER | Head of Brussels Office of the City of Vienna (Austria),
Christophe FERRARI | President of Grenoble Alpes Métropole, Mayor of Le Pont-de-Claix,
Isilda GOMES, Mayor of Portimão, Chairwoman of the Portuguese delegation in the Committee of the Regions, President of the Commission for Natural Resources of the Committee of the Regions, President of the Associação Nacional de Autarcas do Partido Socialista (Portugal).




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