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Christophe Rouillon and Pierre Moscovici with members of the Bureau of PES Local

Christophe Rouillon, Mayor of Coulaines is new President of PES Local. On 1 June 2018 the Bureau of PES Local met upon the invitation of the FNESR in the Headquarters of the French Socialist Party in Paris. At this meeting the executive Bureau of PES Local was elected.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 26.07.2018

With its meeting on 8 March 2017 at the PES headquarters in Brussels USLRRE has now changed its name to PES Local | Socialist Local Representatives in Europe. The change of name reflects our strong connection with the Party of European Socialists (PES). Furthermore the Bureau  adopted a resolution on the Situation in Turkey.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 01.08.2017

Workshop « Populism – A Challenge to Local Democracy»

At this meeting a Workshop of USLRRE, LSAP and FEPS took place on « Populism – A Challenge to Local Democracy» The USLRRE Bureau discussed on on the Challenges of migration the Developments in local politics in Turkey.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 13.10.2016

At this meeting the Bureau  discussed on the refugee crisis and its implications for towns and municipalities and on TTIP and CETA.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 10.04.2016

The Bureau of the USLRRE met on 12 June 2015 in the framework of the PES Congress in Budapest. At this meeting the executive Bureau of the USLRRE was elected. Roland SCHÄFER (Germany), Mayor of Bergkamen, President of the Association of German Towns and Municipalities, Member of the Council of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe (CLRAE), was unanimously elected as the USLRRE’s President. Marc TARABELLA (Belgium), Member of the European Parliament and Mayor of Anthisnes, was re-elected as Secretary General of the USLRRE. Former President Claudy LEBRETON (France) was appointed Honorary President of the USLRRE.

New executive Bureau of the USLRRE elected on 12. June 2015 in Budapest

Resolution of the USLRRE «Social Cohesion of European Territories, Cement of a Europe Confident in its Future»

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 07.07.2015

At the USLRRE Bureau meeting, held on 19 November 2014 at the headquarters of the PES in Brussels, the Bureau discussed on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Canada – EU Trade Agreement (CETA) with Bernd LANGE, MEP, Chairman of the Committee on International Trade of the European Parliament.

Marc TARABELLA, MEP, Mayor of Anthisnes, Secretary General of the USLRRE and Frédéric VALLIER, Secretary General of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR) reported on legislative projects of the European Union relevant to local and regional government in the new legislative period of the European Parliament. Furthermore the Bureau discussed challenges of migration in the EU.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 07.07.2015

At its Bureau meeting on 28 February 2014 in Rome the USLRRE adopted its Manifesto for the European elections in 2014.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 07.03.2014

Main points on the agenda were the new legislation concerning EU public procurement rules and the discussion on the draft manifesto of the USLRRE for the European elections 2014.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 07.03.2014

The EU cohesion policy 2014 - 2020 and the preparation of the election to the European Parliament in 2014 were the main points on the agenda of the meeting.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 01.08.2013

On 9 November 2012 the Bureau of the USLRRE unanimously re-elected Claudy LEBRETON (France), as the USLRRE’s President, and Marc TARABELLA (Belgium), as its Secretary General.

Veröffentlicht am_Datum 06.03.2013

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